COTA‘s Bus Ride to Fun
5 PM- 11 PM
COTA’s 40th Anniversary will officially kick off at First Night Columbus! Revelers will have the chance to participate in the Bus Ride to Fun. By collecting at least seven exhibitor stamps, from activities in both COSI and Vets, on their Bus Ride to Fun pass, families can enter the event’s prize drawing. Families will also have the chance to step onto a bus at Veterans Memorial.

Columbia Gas’ Creation Station presented by Utrecht
5 PM- 11 PM
Creation stations allow kids of all ages to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Fitness Fun Zone
5 PM – 11 PM
There’s plenty of space to run, jump and roll around in the Fitness Fun Zone brought to you by Games2U. Make your way through the laser tag maze, roll around in a hamster ball and play the best video games around at the Mobile Video Game Theater. Then make your way to Recreations Outlet’s trampolines and playground for non-stop fun.

Bring the Farm to You
5 PM – 9 PM
Bring the Farm to You will create a temporary farmyard right inside Veterans Memorial! You’ll have the opportunity to touch and learn about chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, sheep and goats. This fun and experiential learning experience will share a touch of the farm with your family, allowing everyone to interact with the animals safely and at their own comfort level.

Koguryo Martial Arts
5 PM – 11 PM
Koguryo Martial Arts will be giving demonstrations throughout the night.

Health and Wellness Zone
5 PM – 11 PM
Visit the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile and enjoy its interactive display with information about healthy lifestyles. Then visit Children’s Hunger Alliance and make a snack at their Trail Mix Station.

Curious George™: Let’s Get Curious!
Letting curiosity and inquiry be your guide, explore familiar buildings and locales from the Curious George™ book series and television show on PBS KIDS. Activities invite children to learn like Curious George – through direct experience and problem solving!

High Wire Unicycle
It’s all about balance. COSI’s High Wire Unicycle—the only one in the world—challenges you to ride a unicycle across an 84-foot cable while 17 feet above the ground. If your sense of balance isn’t world-class, don’t worry. The Unicycle’s 250-pound counterweight drops the cycle’s center of mass to well below your feet, keeping you safely upright at all times. Ready to ride?

Little Kidspace®
5 PM – 11 PM
Your young child can safely climb, slide, build, splash, imagine, and pretend in COSI’s little kidspace®. Designed and staffed by early education experts for children from birth through kindergarten, little kidspace promotes learning in a colorful and engaging atmosphere for little hands and growing minds. Once you experience little kidspace, you’ll be hard-pressed to convince your smallest scientists it’s time to go home.

First Night in Film
5 PM – 11 PM (Theater)
The Columbus Film Council presents Saturday Morning Cartoons from Around the World.
Cartoons include:

  • Healthy Heroes – Brain Fries
  • Yuri
  • Rain Dance
  • A Sphere in Boxland
  • My Home

Innovation and Education Zone
5 PM – 11 PM
The Innovation and Education Zone includes a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Display and Invention Convention showcase featuring projects designed by Central Ohio students.

Ohio Idol
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM (Gallery 3)
Ohio Idol will once again bring you the best of Ohio’s up-and-coming talent. Watch the contestants as they compete for the chance to win $500 and a spot in Ohio Idol’s TOP 50!

Rock On Ice
6 PM – 11 PM (Outside)
Watch as the team creates ice magic! From fire encased in ice to fire breathing dragons, it’s cutting edge entertainment.


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